Bubbleland Imagination Co., is a growing multimedia company that specializes in imagining and developing entertaining, character-building products for children.

Currently, our core product line features books, music, audio Tales, and videos about the whimsical world of Denton the Dragon and his friends in Bubbleland. Our products are designed to teach character-building values, like honesty, courtesy, personal responsibility, and respect for others, to young children.

We also offer books we recommend by other authors.

Our products are appropriate for use in any setting, including homes, schools, and religious institutions. 

Our books, videos, and music feature fictional characters that children will find appealing and memorable. There are no evil characters portrayed in our products, but, just as in real life, our characters do make mistakes and are, therefore, relatable. We strive to produce the highest quality products that are designed to last and endure typical childhood use.


The mission of Bubbleland Imagination Co. is to imagine and develop character-building products that teach universal values to children.


To see parents and teachers utilizing our fun and entertaining products to engage and spend time with children in a truly meaningful way that empowers, educates, inspires them to become happy, smart, and confident adults.