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We asked a number of singer/songwriters to write and perform songs inspired by the Tales of Bubbleland.  Here is the wonderful collection of songs they created.  All songs are produced by George Scott and Jeff Hutchins.



"Why Change the World," by Matthew Gould & Griffin Matthews

This song will give you goosebumps... guaranteed. And it's a Bubbleland EXCLUSIVE! The creators of the upcoming Broadway musical "Witness Uganda" have written an extraordinary song for us based on the Tale "Lily Rose."  This story takes place in Allthesameville, where everything is all the same all the time.  Lily Rose is the girl who wants to think for herself, but everyone asks her, "Why change the world?" 

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“Good Things Will Happen to You”    Song Written and Performed by Jane Kramer

This song was inspired by the Tale of Denton the Optimist.  Jane Kramer is a folk and country-rock singer based out of Portland, Oregon.  Jane writes that she was inspired by “these fantastic, hopeful, endearing    stories and the chance to write a song about something uplifting and promising.”  The band consists of Tate Peterson on acoustic guitar, David Gerow on mandolin, and Jon Shaw on upright bass.

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"Denton and Rachel"    Song Written by Laura Blackley, Performed by the Swayback Sisters

Balladeer-extraordinaire Laura Blackley, long a staple of the mountain-music scene in the Carolinas, gives us her rendition of Little Rachel's brave journey to meet Denton and invite him to live with her in Pingletown.  Laura is joined by her Swayback Sisters colleagues, Cary Fridley and Mary Ellen Davis.  

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"The Bubbleland Theme Song"   Song Written by Jeff Hutchins, Performed by Barrett Smith

This song tells the basic story of how Denton the Dragon and Little Rachel first got together.  Barrett Smith is a popular singer and musician from Asheville, NC.

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"The Gratitoad's Song"   Song Written by Jeff Hutchins & George Scott, Vocals by Howard Wilson

The Gratitoad is a tale about Walter and Greta, the two gratitoads who live in the Pingletown Zoo.  When they are on display for zoo visitors during the day, Walter loves to talk with the people who come to watch.  But at night, when he and Greta retire to their home, he enjoys playing checkers... and deliberately losing.  He is obsessed with getting people to be polite to each other.  Asheville voice-over performer Howard Wilson captures Walter's exuberant personality.

"Not Far Away"   Song Written and Performed by Timmy Abell

Veteran children's performer Timmy Abell of Asheville, NC, wrote this song that manages to include references to almost every Tale in the Bubbleland series.  Timmy and his wife Susana have traveled the country entertaining young audiences for decades with songs, stories, and puppet shows.

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"Lily Rose"    Song Written and Performed by Dave Foster

New York City's Dave Foster, who plays and writes songs for a band called Bubble, recounts the Tale of Lily Rose, the questioning girl who inhabits Allthesameville.


“Back to You (A Song for Tangorra DePri)”    Song Written and Performed by David LaMotte

David LaMotte is one of America's leading moral voices in the tradition of Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. The Tale of "Tangorra DePri" inspired David, author of "White Flour" and "SS Bathtub," to write a song about learning humility and love. David lives in Black Mountain, NC. His band on this song includes Zack Page on upright bass, Peter Councell on drums, and the amazing Josh Goforth on the mandolin.

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"Pretty Little Diamond"   Lyrics and Vocals by Jessica MacAdam, Music by Matt Cleary

  Pennsylvania-based songwriter Jessica MacAdam is joined by Ohio's Matt Cleary for this song inspired by the longest Tale, Diamond Day.

“If Dragons Could Fly”   Song Written by Jeff Hutchins, Music by George Scott, Vocals by Jeff Hutchins and Isabel Hardwig

Young Asheville native Isabel Hardwig provides the voice of Little Rachel, and Jeff Hutchins is the voice of Denton in this sweet song used in the video of the same name. George Scott is the Music Director for all the songs of Bubbleland. He is keyboardist and sound engineer for the popular Western NC band called Ol' Hoopty.



"Mayor Peasandcorn"   Song Written and Performed by Billy Jonas

Billy has been entertaining children and adults for over two decades, and has won numerous awards for his music, including his well-loved CD "What Kind of Cat Are You?" In this song, based on the Tale "Denton for Mayor," he imagines in hilarious fashion the election campaign between former Mayor Rinsenspit and the new Mayor Peasandcorn.

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